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The Bitter Truth About Sugar

The Bitter Truth About Sugar was a lecture that was given by Robert H. Lustig, MD on May 26, 2009. After a month, his lecture was posted on Youtube and has gained thousands of views from people of all ages. Lustig is a professor from the Endocrinology Division of the Pediatrics department at the UCSF. During his seminar, he discussed how the excessive intake of fructose and the lack or insufficient intake of fiber can lead to health hazards especially obesity as it affects insulin.

Lustig provided an in-depth explanation of metabolism and the process of reaching obesity. He also shared some grueling images and examples that could awaken any person who attended the lecture. He cited how sugar can cause our internal organs to turn brown or “caramelize” similar to cooked meat. Lustig also discouraged the audience from being victims of diet paraphernalia that can make it easier for us to lose weight such as diet pills.

While several diet principles and theories have been suggested by “so-called” experts, all of these diet techniques point to the same thing which, according to Lustig, is to cut down or totally eliminate fructose intake and an increased fiber intake.

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