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The Battle of the Bulge

One of the most epic battles that happened during World War II and in the history of mankind was the Battle of the Bulge. This historic event was one of the last and biggest hoorah of the late dictator, Adolf Hitler. This battle started on December 16, 1944. Over a month of tanks, guns and bombs which greatly affected the Allied forces. This event took place in the Ardennes Mountains where no one ever thought that the powerful Adolf Hitler planned his attack on how to get back Germany.

His plan was to pass through the mountains, where hardly any military men were because it was densely forested, to Antwerp. American soldiers were caught off-guard when over a quarter of a million troops attacked their camps by force. Other places like St. Vith, Elsenborn Ridge, Houffalize were also places that were badly damaged. There were over one hundred thousand soldiers who were either dead or injured once the attack started.

The whole reason why they called it the Battle of the Bulge was because they literally built a bulge in the mountain to secretly enter places they wanted to attack and reign victorious which they were able to execute perfectly. The only counterattack left to do by the U.S. Army, which was led by Lieutenant General George S. Patton, was to lead the Third Army to a place called Lorraine and keep them as far as possible from the already destroyed town of Bastogne. Then finally, the U.S. Army pulled out their resources and fleeted Germany. The battle ended on January 25, 1945.

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