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The Andes: The Dragon’s Back

Written by David Helton, “Ander: The Dragon’s Back” is a 2007 PBS documentary that presents the various life forms found in the Andes mountain ranges. It is aptly called the Dragon’s Back because of its appearance which begins from the Cape Horn until it reaches the Equator. It contains the Atacama desert, the largest ice field outside of the poles, and the Torres del Paine mountain region.

The Andes is home to a diverse combination of flora and fauna that cannot be found in other parts of the world. There, the animals learn to naturally adapt to the environment in order to flourish. A good example is how the flamingos live in clusters around hot geysers also known as salt pans. Bears have also learned to live just by eating the South American flowers that now grown in the Andes. Most surprisingly perhaps is how the penguins are able to live properly in the desert even though they are known to be arctic in nature.

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