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Stupid in America

There has been a lot of negative talk circulating the state of the public school system in the United States. A lot of people question not only the safety, but also the efficacy of the education provided in the U.S. public schools.

Stupid in America is a documentary film that looks into this very issue. It attempts to take a closer and better look into the American public education system by visiting states, schools and students. The filmmaker was able to interview a number of students from Abraham Lincoln High School in New York. From the number of interviews collected, we get to have a glimpse of what it’s like inside the confines of their four walls. Some of the students talk about their teachers and their methods of teaching. Other students describe the blatant use of illegal drugs such as marijuana inside school premises. Throughout this documentary we also get to visit Washington, D.C. and examine several schools and students there.

Be prepared to take part in an unconventional journey with 20/20 inside America’s public schools.

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