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Stargazing Live

Boasting visually arresting imagery of various observatories across the world, hosts Professor Brian Cox and Dara O Briain indulge you in the wonderful art of stargazing for three days:

In episode one, Jonathan Ross is introduced to the basics of telescope usage. The mystery behind the spherical shapes of planets is revealed by Brian. Liz gives us info about Mars as she makes Hawaii her new home. Finally, Mark reveals his secrets concerning how to take the perfect night-time photograph.

In episode two, an amazing set of photos of the sun are shown to us by Liz in addition to explaining the rationale behind blackouts from CMEs. Brian reveals the science behind how we project the location of planets relative to time. Some never-before-seen pictures of some parts of the Andromeda Galaxy are revealed, and a strange person explains the relationship between space and sounds.

In episode three, Brian and the team conducts an interview with some International Space Station-based astronauts as well as a European astronaut. Mark gives some lucky amateur stargazers the opportunity to witness the Quadrantid Meteor Shower. We explore the beautiful night sky with Liz in her new Hawaiian home as she reveals some telescopes. Finally, in their headquarters in Jodrell Bank Observatory takes us to the top of a Lovell telescope and later is oriented upside down to experience what astronauts feel in space.

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