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Seven Wonders of the Microbe World (combined)

When we think about microbes (germs) what is first thing that pops into your head? Diseases no doubt. Over the course of mankind’s history, we have been subjected to many survival challenges brought about by microbes ranging from the notorious plague that ravaged a large part of Europe in the 1350s or the relatively recent terrorist-applied outbreak of anthrax in the United States. Although it is true that Microbes are to be blamed for many deaths throughout the fabric of time, they are also to be owed for the many advances in various fields of science including the possibility of priming life on Mars through Terraforming, the accidental discovery of antibiotics through penicillin, fixation through nitrogen, even in culinary science in the form of food preservation and the production of beer’s distinct flavour. Explore the gradual advances of technology through time brought about by a combination of colourful visuals and professional annotations.

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