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Secrets Of The Mind

Secrets of The Mind is a 2001 documentary film which feature profound ways our mind controls who we are. The film centers around Professor Ramachandran’s research and starts with a man who is afflicted with “phantom limb syndrome”, he can feel pain or sensation from his missing limb. Through a brain scan, Professor Ramachandran’s proves that the brain has a map of body areas and that the right arm and the right brain are adjacent from each other. Thus, missing body parts could cause the brain to cross wire, fooling itself into believing that the missing limb still exists.

Another subject of the experiment includes an individual who can “see” or detect movement but is not able to recognize what the object is. Dr. Ramachandran explains that there are two pathways from the human eye; one is via the visual vortex, which recognizes an object and two, the brain stem that can detect movement. When the visual cortex link is severed, the brain stem remains active. This allows an individual to detect movement but never recognizing what the object is.

Dr. Ramachandran shares that there are over 30 areas in the brain, which are dedicated to seeing everything, separately – colors, shape, distance, movement or depth of perception. If any of these areas are damaged in any way, it could lead to all sorts of oddities such as individuals believing that his parents are imposters simply because the emotional response in the area of the brain has been cut off.

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