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Salman Khan talk at TED

During one of the sitcoms at TED, their guest was Salman Khan, creator and founder of the website Khan Academy. He talked about his non-profit website which aims to give out free, world-class teaching to those who cannot afford to go to school. After all, we spend most of our time facing the computer, why don’t we use it as a way to learn new things, right? Salman Khan is an MIT graduate and a business graduate at Harvard Business School.

The website was first launched in 2006 and has since become the best online school for people around the world. It features thousands of educational resources in Math, Science for kids and more complicated courses for adults. The complexity of the website is just amazing. You can even have your own personalized dashboard where you can put together all the resources that you need, reading materials you want and need to learn, and exams you’d want to review and take in the future. Also, it does not just cater to specific countries but to all the countries in the world. Since 2006, this organization continues to grow in number. With over ten million students and counting per month, it has been able to give over three hundred million lessons.

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