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Riot Night

In 2011, a series of riots took place in several parts of London and England from August 6 to 11. This short film entitled “Riot Night” provides the details of what transpired during that time. Viewers will get to see some rare footage of the mass looting and arson that were eventually thwarted by the police forces. The riot was later dubbed as the “Blackberry Riots” because the participants used mobile devices and social media to communicate their messages.

It all began on August 6 when a Tottenham local named Mark Duggan was shot dead by police. The protesters were even more enraged when police arrested a 16-year old girl for disorderly manner. This led to several other protests and clashes with the authorities including the destructions of various properties. This chaotic state lasted for days and even crimes began taking place in some other towns that were far from the origin of the riot. Eventually, people were brought in for questioning. Some of the people who were arrested were charged and tried while others were let go for lack of evidence.

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