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Real Estate 4 Ransom: Why Does Land Cost the Earth? (2012)

“Real Estate 4 Ransom” is an eye-opening documentary that offers a new perspective on global property speculation and how it has affected the world economy. The 40-minute documentary aims to educate people to determine the right motivation for investing in real estate as well as questions the freedom people had as far as real estate investments go.

The film also highlights how financial institutions should be blamed for the global financial crisis because such organizations allowed every person to borrow money from them without any definitive means of getting himself or herself out of debt.

The Films for Action website selected “Real Estate 4 Ransom” as the top 2 film of 2012. Co-directors Karl Fitzgerald and Gavin Emmanuel took 5 years to shoot the film in order to touch all the relevant aspects of housing problems rooted in political and economical instability. Real Estate 4 Ransom present interviews with expert economists, regular homeowners and renters, and foreigners living within the country.

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