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Pyromania is a documentary film that, as its name suggests, explores the psyche of people with a benevolent obsession with setting things on fire. The documentary chronicles various accounts of the mental “impulse control disorder” that is pyromania, ranging from the story of John Orr, who operated by employing the use of timed incendiary devices, usually fashioned from simple ingredients such as rubber bands, cigarettes and matchboxes, to burn stores riddled with customers and employees; to “Bob,” who started with his zealotry for incineration when he heard a voice in his mind who told him that he should set fire to everything and as a result is currently serving a term of life in a mental facility – three times; as well as to simple yet disturbing tales of little children who convince themselves burning things are fun. The documentary film takes the audience into the delirious head of the pyromaniac where burning things is not a means for monetary gains or vengeance, rather for leisure.

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