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Prophets of Doom

The society today has a different set of problems. From technological meltdowns, global financial crises and computerized global war – the world today is definitely facing a different kind of warfare.

Prophets of Doom is a documentary film that features a group of contemporary prophets who attempt to make prophecies to the impending doom of the American society. Now this may all sound a bit crazy and unbelievable. But take a moment to listen to these men. They would walk you through the basis of their information. With a number of historical data to back-up their claims, Prophets of Doom will change your perspective of the future.

Connecting the events of the past and the present situation of the world, these men attempt to paint a picture of what the future is beginning to look like, if all of this would continue. Prepare to be taken into an obscure journey into the past and the future.

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