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Namibia: Genocide and the Second Reich

For the Herero people of the German colony of Namibia, over three quarters of their population would be lost to concentration camps. This was over a hundred years ago. This documentary film seeks to tell the lost chronicles of the progenies of the survivors who currently now seek reimbursements from the government of Germany, while also tying in and exploring the very zealot-like racial philosophies of Germans back then.

Authored by David Adetayo Olusoga and often described by BBC as an account of Germany’s lost genocide, this documentary is an unrelenting recount of the events that unfolded to the butchery of over three quarters of the Namibia population at the hands of Africa-based German concentration camps.

The debauchery of the racist ideology that Germany adhered to so closely was made apparent utilizing restored graphical materials. The contents of the materials were so disturbing that in 2004 (and this was included in the film), the German ambassador to Namibia expressed his regret for the irreconcilable damage that his country has caused to Nimibia’s people.

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