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Most Amazing Moments

Are you a fan of the extreme? Do you relish daring, shocking and unbelievable moments? If your answer to these questions is yes, then this documentary film by the National Geographic will definitely tickle your fancy. This film was written by Paul Donvito and narrated by Rick D. Wasserman takes us on a journey of epic proportions.

Amazing Moments: National Geographic’s Most Daring Moments definitely lives up to its title. It is a compilation of National Geographic’s most amazing, daring and unbelievable moments. From animals that put even the experts in awe to the most death defying rescue operations. We are taken around the world to meet different people who have all experienced different kinds of life threatening risks and who have lived to talk about it. From the daredevils of Spain who get in the middle of stampeding bulls to hair ripping by the practitioners of Jainism in India; we all get to see this collection of footage that will definitely take us all on a thrilling ride.

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