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Mega-Tsunami: Wave of Destruction

Working hand in hand with earthquakes, dispersed across the large bodies of waters of the world, laying in dormant are one of nature’s most dangerous weapons. If triggered, the consequent event will yield destruction in a cataclysmic scale. Manifesting in the form of a titanic tidal wave, unfathomably larger than any tsunami in typical conditions, the large watery mass is capable of traversing landmasses and oceans alike, sparing no population from being quite literally swept away by its liquid fury.

Scientist of late have just foresighted the potential location for the next such devastating super tsunami. Boasting an incredible awe-inspiring size and bearing a velocity comparable to that of the fastest of jets, the North African settlement known as the Canary Islands, are expected to be the next hosts to the doom-spelling mobile watery fortress, that would later navigate through the Atlantic Ocean on set to culminate its destructive fervor in the eastern portion of the United States.

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