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Life of Oceans

This four-part nature documentary by the National Geographic and hosted by Peter Harlowe explores the vastness of the ocean. Covering up to 70% of the Earth’s surface, the ocean holds the key to a life within its depths. This documentary will help us delve deeper into the depths of the beauty and power that the ocean contains. With each of the four episodes, we get a better glimpse of this remarkable ecosystem. We get to witness the diversity and significance of each microorganism that resides there.

Creation is the first episode in this documentary series. From the title itself, we get the hint that in this episode we are going to learn more about the early beginnings of the ocean and all the creatures, both living and nonliving, that reside here. The second episode of the series is called Transformation. In this episode, we see the different changes that happen to the ocean’s atmosphere. From increased acidity to warmer temperatures, we get to know more about the different effects these have for this complex ecosystem.

Deep Mysteries is the third episode. Here are are aided with technologically advanced equipment to allow us to go to the deepest parts of the ocean and discover what lurks in these parts. Finally, we have the fourth episode entitled Threats. In this episode we get to learn the horrible truth of the negative impact human activity has brought upon the ocean.

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