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JFK’s Irish Honour Guard

It has been 50 years since the assassination of John F. Kennedy in 1963. Earlier in that year, he visited Ireland and enjoyed his stay even planning to return though it never happened because of the incident. On one occasion, he witnessed the performance of the 37th Cadet Class of the Irish Army and even interacted with them as he inspected the rifles of the cadets. JFK was so impressed that he told their Lieutenant that they were the “finest” honor guard he had ever seen.

The day after JFK was killed, Jackie Kennedy personally requested the Irish cadets to be the guard of honor at JKF’s grave site. This was the first time that a foreign army was invited to perform the guard duties in the US.

“JFK’s Irish Honour Guard” is a compilation of six 8-minute videos that shows the story of these valiant cadets and their journey to assisting the presidential funeral for the US president.

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