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J. Krishnamurti: The Real Revolution

Jiddu Krishnamurti or simply known as J. Krishnamurti was a speaker and writer of various subjects including spirituality, philosophy, the nature of the mind, inquiry, psychological revolution, human relationships, bringing about radical change in society and meditation. One of his main stresses was that we all needed to have a psychic revolution brought about by social, religious or political entities.

In his lifetime and through his works and teachings, he has attracted the interest of numerous religious establishments all over India. He has met with a number of well known leaders such as the Dalai Lama, and a number of Buddhist and Hindu scholars. Many of J. Krishnamurti’s works and teachings have been adopted into books, audio, video and computer materials.

Krishnamurti: The Real Revolution is a short documentary film that was one of the eight original episodes in the 1966 television series. This documentary shows us the life, works, teaching and beliefs of this great and iconic man.

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