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Isaac Newton: The Last Magician

BBC takes us further into the life of one of the most famous Scientists from his time, Isaac Newton, in their 60-minute special. Part of their Genius Of Invention season, this film helps us get to know this genius deeper, beyond the pages of our Science Textbooks.

With the help of experts and biographers, we get to journey through Sir Newton’s life. We get to see him in his craft and realize that he led a solitary life, purely dedicated to his studies and confined in the safety of his laboratory. Aside from this, we also get to see a completely different side of him. How he researched into what was considered then, heretical religion. How he also inquired and studied alchemy and even the occult.

We get to see him from his earlier isolation to his rise to becoming the President of the Royal Society. Researchers get to share firsthand accounts about their discovery of his unpublished alchemical studies and the documents that he has kept to himself which talked about his heretical religion. Be prepared to see the inner workings of a true genius.

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