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Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking

“Into the Universe With Stephen Hawking” is a documentary series first released by Discovery Channel in 2010. In this documentary, Stephen Hawking presents a whole new perspective of the universe. It uses advanced computer animation to guide the viewers in learning about every aspect of the earth and everything else found in the cosmos. It contains the latest information based on pure science opening a world of endless possibilities.

The first part of the series tackles the possibilities of alien life as Hawking combines both scientific facts and the ideas presented by the imagination. He takes the viewers on a journey from the moons of Jupiter until a galaxy nearby ours to explore the chances of finding alien life forms or the likelihood of contact with intelligent life in the future. Using CGI, Hawking presents different possible life forms that we may encounter as he points out the different challenges and opportunities they may be experiencing themselves.

The next part of the series focuses on time travel as Hawking shares several things that man can do if we had this ability. By exploring the possibility of going back in time, we may very well warp the fabric of time and space.

The final chapter of the series features the wonders of the cosmos to a new generation, according to Hawking. The series features a compelling look at one of the most brilliant minds of science, exploring the fringes of space and time and finding answers to some of the biggest questions in the universe – how the universe itself began and when will it end.

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