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Inside the Milky Way

Inside the Milky Way is a documentary film designed to bring audiences on an amazing adventure. Utilizing extraordinary advances in imaging technologies, The National Geographic Channel has allowed for the production of intricate top-of-the-line 3-Dimensional CGI (computer generated imagery) constructs of the known galaxy to allow for audiences to embark in a journey of cosmic proportions, covering a vast expanse of over 100,000 light years to become witnesses of the principal historical events that lead to the unfolding of the Milky Way as we know it today. Enter the core of the Milky Way galaxy as we witness the birth and death of stars as well as their transition to supermassive black holes. Sit back and relax as we flow adrift above and beyond the vast expanse of our galaxy intended to uncover the secrets as to why cosmic entities are shaped the way they are as well as search for the potential presence of other sentient beings.

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