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Inside Planet Earth

Imagine an expedition of extreme proportions. Literally! This documentary takes you from the cool surface of the earth down to the extremely hot core of the planet. You are invited to explore the previously unexplored center of the planet from your own living room. Watch in awe the magnificent sounds and sights of earth’s core, brought to life utilizing vivid, high-fidelity cutting-edge computer generated imagery (CGI). Behold the vast natural mineshafts illuminated by the iridescence of pure iron ore! Marvel at the brilliance (literally and non-literally) of deep caverns lined entirely with extra-hardened and extra-expensive diamonds! Witness the wondrous power of magnetic fields which function as guardians to ward off lethal space radiation!

Made possible through the marvellous advances of science and technology in the field of computer imagery, experience all these hidden spectacles of the world, previously impossible to explore, in the comfort and safety of your very own home.

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