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Ice Age Columbus: Who were the first Americans

“Ice Age Columbus: Who Were the First Americans” is a 2-hour docudrama directed by respected filmmaker Nicholas Brown. The film was released by Discovery Channel in the United States in 2005 and it was made to present an alternative to the founding of America during the Renaissance period.

New archaeological data and DNA research data have surfaced, revealing the possibility that Columbus was not the first European to discover the US. In fact, if these latest information is correct, then ancient Europeans arrived in the US shores 17, 000 years before Columbus was even born.

The film is uses high-definition and advanced cinematography as it follows a family of fearless hunters of the Stone Age as they travel across an ice bridge to the US from their home in France. The go through a grueling 3,000 mile journey across the frozen ocean and became the first settlers of America. Witness the various hardships and troubles they encountered such as wild animals, violent storms, and hunger. This led to the discovery of new tools which were then considered to be innovations that the Native Americans accepted.

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