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Hummingbird is an organization in Recife, Brazil which caters to young women who spent most of their lives on the streets. Recife is known to be the sex capital of Brazil and is therefore the number one place for human trafficking. People who started this organization were also women who were determined enough to save the lives of these innocent little girls. Cecy, one of the women who started the program, thought about the fable of the lion and the hummingbird thus the reason for its name.

Later on, a documentary film was made and was still entitled hummingbird. It featured a girl named Adriana who ran away from home when she was still six years old and bore a child at the age of eleven. She talked about her traumatic experiences at home and thought that running away was the best decision she ever made only to find out that best was nowhere near the hell she encountered during the rest of her years.

Hummingbird realized that this all starts at home where the family is and where you are first influenced; where your values are taught. This organization aims to nurture the thoughts of this children and preventing them from experiencing far worse problems later on in life. Until now, they still do their very best to keep these kids from the streets and hopefully giving them a better, brighter future they so rightfully deserve.

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