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How the States Got Their Shapes

The lines on the map of the United States of America are not arbitrary at all. The borders of the various states were not a walk in the park to establish. They were a result of the combined efforts of the people in them. They are therefore. in a way, the embodiment of the state’s respective history. These include the events that unfold to their independence including the intrinsic quarrels that influenced the many ideals of the state such as their sentiments towards the management and allocation of wealth and assets, territorial expansion, even slavery.

It is common sight to see people acquainting themselves with the various places of the map of the United States. What is less common are the number of people who actually know why the various territories are shaped the way they are shaped. The series seeks to unravel the many questions surrounding the shape of the states including why does Oklahoma have the handle of a pan? Why is Missouri shaped like a boot? Why does California bend the way it does?

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