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How Stuff Works: Secrets of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most loved and eaten sweet treat in the world. It is produced from the seed of a tropical tree, Theobroma cacao. The cocoa is cultivated primarily in Mexico, Northern South America and Central America. Majority of the people in Mesoamerica used the cocoa to make chocolate beverages. The Aztecs and the Mayans also were fond of making this into a drink that they called xocolatl, which was the Nahuatl word for bitter water.

Throughout history, chocolate has been transformed into different products. From chocolate liquor, solids, and butter, baking chocolate, sweet, milk and white chocolate – there are multiple forms exist all over the world. As time and technology moved forward, so did the development of chocolate. Different chocolate-derived products soon made its way to the market. From chocolate chip cookies, cakes and pastries to chocolate powdered milk and sandwich spread, the chocolate market is one that is here to stay.

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