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Hitler’s Hidden City

Adolf Hitler, a man who believed that he was going to conquer all, made sure he would keep it that way as long as he was still alive. During the Battle in Berlin, which was one of many battles he led, they discovered a whole new empire underneath the surface of Berlin. There were tunnels that literally outstretched to the subterranean streets of Berlin, bunkers that were almost self-sufficient and had its own set of hospitals and generators. There were also unfinished buildings that were big enough to fit seventeen replicas of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome. He would call it the Great Hall. He says this was to protect his people from airborne threats by America and Russia. The main purpose for this city was for the people to start over and to claim that he is indeed the rightful ruler to the throne. He wanted to call this “Germania”. It was dubbed to be a hidden city because it was discovered just recently by German archaeologists and based on their findings this place was build around the time the Battle of Berlin started.

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