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History of Video Games

In our present time and age, video gaming has become a recognized part of our culture. What we all may not be aware of is how this worldwide phenomenon came about. Believe it or not, the very origins of video games can be traced back to the early cathode ray tube-based missile defence systems that were developed in the late 1940s. This technology was the one used and adapted to create those simple games that was introduced in the 50s.

As time progressed, so did the sophistication and development of the technology of these video games. More accessories and parts were developed. We were introduced to new terminologies such as gaming consoles, RPG and other tech-savvy lingo.

History of Video Games takes us on a trip through time where we get to witness one of history’s most ground breaking discoveries. We get to see the labor-intensive processes that go into the creation of this technology and all the thinking and planning that these games went through prior to their release to the public. We also get to see the present and possible future that awaits the video gaming industry.

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