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High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos

Written and directed by David Malone and Mark Tanner, “High Anxieties: The Mathematics of Chaos” is a documentary that tackles the developments that mathematics has gone through for the past 40 years. Hosted by James Lovelock and David Malone, the film aims to awaken its viewers about the facts that need to be addressed immediately.

This documentary present valuable information that ties climate change, financial markets, and even human psychology to the chaos of mathematics. Viewers will also learn about the new mathematical methods that were influenced by the work of Alexander Lyapunov and Henri Poincare. It also presents interviews with David Ruelle as he shares his insights about the chaos theory. Respected economist Paul Ormerod also provides his opinion about the fluctuating world economy and James Lovelock (proponent of the Gaia Theory) explain how mathematics has consistently proven the dangers our environment is facing.

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