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Globalization: The New Rulers of the World (2001)

Globalization: The New Rulers of the World is a 2001 documentary co-directed by Alan Lowery and John Pilger. Lowery and Pilger goes in-depth on the real effects of globalization in certain countries. First stop was Indonesia, a country regarded by the World Bank as a model pupil until its economic collapse in 1998. The film features sweatshop factories where workers are forced to work long hours for global brands. Lowery and Pilger tries to uncover who benefits from globalized economy, the citizens or powerful conglomerates?

The film highlights how the likes of Bill Gates have vast wealth that he is wealthier than all of African nation. Pilger stressed that globalization is merely a hype, an illusion that only creates a wider gap between the rich and the poor.

Globalization: The New Rulers of the World also highlight how the real rulers are no longer the ones in the government. The real rulers of the world are those who sit in executive desks, great multinational companies backed by the World Bank and the IMF. The film also uncovers all the scandals associated with globalization and revealing interviews with World Bank and IMF officials.

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