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Forest of Crocodiles

When the British colonized South Africa in the past, white South Africans ruled the country and for decades, black citizens lived in constant fear and poverty. Once the power was given to a black leader, the nation rejoiced as it was seen as a sign that they have regained their freedom. However, freedom came with a stiff price as unruly citizens started resorting to violence, living a life of crime perhaps, as a way to get back at what they believed was taken from them.

A 2009 film titled “Forest of Crocodiles” tells the gripping tale of white South African surviving despite an extremely volatile country. In certain parts of the country where armed men wander the night, white South Africans are now in constant danger with some resorting to ingenious ways to adapt in a place where inner turmoil between government and its people is on the verge of rupture.

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