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First Kill

The Vietnam War, also known to others as the American War, was one of the coldest wars in history. It took place in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos that lasted from December of 1956 up to the fall of Saigon which was on April 30, 1975. This war was between the North of Vietnam (with the support of communist allies such as China and the Soviet Union) and the South of Vietnam (with the support of the United States and other anti-communist countries). This war was definitely a bloody one, with more than thousands of casualties in its wake. The American participation in the war was said to be part of a bigger and much wider containment strategy which aimed to prevent the spread of communism.

First Kill, directed by Coco Schrijber and produced by Lemming Film, is a Dutch documentary that attempts to further dissect the many intricacies of the Vietnam War. Filled with exclusive interviews with several Vietnam War veterans including Michael Herr, this documentary film will definitely show you the violence, fear, and seduction that came about during this historic moment.

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