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EP2/3 Genius of Britain

The second episode of Genius of Britain explores the planting of the seed that fostered the growth of the infamous British Industrial Revolution. James Dyson recounts the story of James Watt wherein, at a young age managed to overhaul to perfection, the steam engine – the grandfather of all modern engines and precursor of arguably the most important human invention of all time – the vehicle. Jim Al-Khalili retells the tale of a certain man of the cloth, Joseph Priestley who, obsessed with gases, invented soda water while discovering oxygen. David Attenborough tells us of his idol Joseph Banks, a naturalist of renowned reputation who founded the Kew Gardens upon his return from a voyage to the South Seas. Finally, Robert Winston divulges the grim, relatively shocking story of John Hunter known for being a reputable surgeon/anatomist, a pioneer of the usage of the scientific method in medicine and a grave defiler/ghoul.

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