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EP1/3 Genius of Britain

The first episode of Genius of Britain appropriately starts in the beginning. It was roughly 350 years ago when a group of acquaintances, friends and enemies decided to deviate from the restrictive ideals of olden times and challenge the predominating concepts that no one had dared to question before.

Stephen Hawking and Jim Al-Khalili explore how a very famous personality, came to the conclusion that the seed of every scientific concept lied in mathematics. This person was Isaac Newton. James Dyson attempts to unravel the experiment-quantifiable life-producing forces in our presence through the demonstration of the air pump first credited to Robert Boyle. David Attenborough tells us of the curious endeavours of Christopher Wren, an architect by trade, but a man of other sciences by heart (he delved in astronomy and medicine.) Richard Dawkins retells us the scientific revolution that was brought about Robert Hooke’s through his concept of microscopy, a revelation of epic proportions that it caused the outrage of many giants of science at that time including Sir Isaac Newton. Finally Kathy Sykes tells the account of Edmond Halley’s and his much needed contribution to British sailors through his work concerning stars.

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