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Dub Echoes

Jamaica has been popularly known to be the reason why all this hip-hop and RNB music came to life. It’s the sole foundation on which this multi-billion dollar industry was built. When you talk about dubbing, this means using your own voice to make your own unique music. It is a mixture of drums, bass and lots of effects using sound systems. Music still accompanies it but the beat is where it really hits people. This influenced the birth of electronic music and of course, hip-hop. It has helped disc jockeys and even ordinary music lovers mix their own style and their own definition of what music is all about. You’ll also be surprised to know that this all started not during the twentieth century but during the 1970s. People back then liked to keep it old school and until now, it’s the basis for the most popular and hit sonic songs of today. What old timers would say, “You can’t stop dub” and it’s true. Dub echoes lives on up to today.

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