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Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life

BBC is partnering up with history once again to give us a quality production that’s both entertaining and informative. In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, and in partnership with the Open University, they bring to us the BBC Darwin Season. This season includes three major series plus the short documentary entitled Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life.

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life, as its title suggests, features Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution through natural selection. Presented by BBC’s very own David Attenborough, this film takes us through the development process of this revolutionary theory. We get to witness how Darwin came up with this brilliant theory merely from observing plants and animals both in nature and in a domesticated state. Attenborough also takes us through several important sites and landmarks of Darwin’s life including Cambridge University, the Down House, and the Natural History Museum, just to name a few. Not only will we see the development process of this theory, but we also get to inspect the various effects and impact it has on the way mankind views their life and themselves.

Charles Darwin and the Tree of Life will definitely be a one of a kind trip through science, history, religion and our society. We may never look at our lives the same way again.

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