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Can Eating Insects Save the World

The world is undergoing a global crisis. Every day, billions of people from different corners of the world starve to death. Others can’t even have the necessary three meals per day. There have been multiple efforts from various people to look for an effective way to put a stop to this ongoing situation. These people have come up with multiple ways in order to help out.

Then there came the suggestion of resorting to unconventional but abundant sources of food, such as insects. Some people have been suggesting the development of food items from insects to help remedy this shortage of food. Since there are a number of insects that aren’t harmful to humans when ingested and there are also existing groups of people who are known to practice this exotic eating, the idea doesn’t really sound that ridiculous anymore.

Can Eating Insects Save the World follows food writer Stefan Gates as he tries out for himself the different innovations in the culinary arts that were developed for this cause. From ant egg salad, deep fried locusts and barbequed tarantulas, this documentary will be informative and deliciously exotic.

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