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Bill Gates on energy: Innovating to zero!

Bill Gates first divulged his vision of a better energy solution for the world at the Technology, Entertainment, Design Conference of 2010 (TED 2010), where he went on to argue that there is a necessity for a “miracle” in science in order to prevent a global cataclysm. He further describes that the ultimate goal that each and every one of us should share is the actualization of zero carbon emissions worldwide as of 2050. Such is the reason why he is seeking support for a drastic overhaul on the current designs of nuclear power plants. According to him, the effects of climate change is most apparent, to the extreme, for the unfortunate people of the poverty level, and should therefore have priority for resolution as far as the world is and should be concerned.

One of the points he constantly reiterates along the discussion is the need for carbon emissions to be absolutely inexistent, and not merely reduced. He further accentuates this point by revealing the equation that allows for the computation of carbon dioxide emissions: Carbon dioxide emissions is equal to the number of people multiplied by the number of services rendered for every such person multiplied by the energy expenditure per service multiplied by the carbon dioxide released per unit of energy. Simply put, this suggests that if even if merely one factor is zero, so will carbon dioxide emissions. Of all the factors, the only feasible one to reduce to zero would be carbon dioxide released per unit of energy. At the rate that technology is steadily advancing, he foresights that the eradication of carbon dioxide emissions will be at 2050.

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