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Behind The Light: Lighthouse Keepers

Harnessing the power of a subtle combination of vivid and minimalistic imagery, this mini documentary, is an attempt in an amalgamation of a dirge for a gradually departing way of life, and an exploration of the strangely serene solitary nature and aspect of humanity. Witness as director Glyn chronicles the dying anecdotes and vignettes of the British lighthouse keepers, a humble occupation of a long forgotten era before automation and machinery replaced man as sentinel of the coastline. More than merely a rumination of the past, the film is an attempt at solidifying a historical landmark in human humility – a monument to the service of a small group of unusually recognized heroes – as well as a foreboding potential foresight of man’s relatively derelict yet arguably inevitable future characterized by the replacement of man with machine where the need of the former is superseded by the less complacent, generally more efficient and cost-effective latter.

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