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Behind Blue Eyes

“Behind Blue Eyes” is a short documentary directed by Juan Garza and released on television in 2009. It details how four of the remaining thirteen known Leucistic alligators in the world were taken from the swamps of New Orleans to Gatorland in Orlando, Florida. This was done in order to protect these white alligators from the wild as their skin is a liability for their survival.

The Leucistic gators were first found in the swamps of Louisiana in 1986. However, the workers who found them initially decided to move the gators to a zoo in New Orleans to keep them safe from predators as they can be easily spotted because of their white skin. Unfortunately, some of them still died. They eventually decided to take the Leucistic alligators to the sanctuary in Gatorland where they can be taken care of properly.

Viewers who watch this film will learn how to properly spot a Leucistic alligator from and albino alligator. The four that were taken to Gatorland had to be separated from other alligators in order to avoid attention. They are provided with just the right amount of sunlight as too much will cause skin damage. Sadly, these four are all male alligators so there is a huge risk of extinction. The only hope is that some of them carry the same gene as female gators and this can mean the survival of the Leucistic gators.

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