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500 Nations The Story of Native Americans

Aside from being one of the most powerful nations in the world, the United States of America is also a country that has a shared history with the Native Americans. Directed by Jack Leustig, “500 Nations: The Story of Native Americans”, takes us on a journey to the past where Native Americans thrived in the North and Central America. Hosted by award-winning actor Kevin Costner, this 8-part documentary series contains detailed information gathered from manuscripts, books, letters, pictures, and stories from eyewitnesses.

500 Nations the Story of Native Americans starts at the pre-Columbian era, featuring stories about the Wounded Knee, a massacre that occurred in the 17th century as well as stories relating to the history of Mexico, the very brief European colonization and Native American legends. The film also gives first-hand accounts of the struggles and the fight for freedom of the Native Americans that ensued during that era.

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