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Ticks: The Real Vampires

“Ticks: The Real Vampires” is a two-part documentary that was first televised in 2000. The film was shot in the continents of Europe and North America and aims to highlight the danger of ticks to human health.

The first installment featured the life stage of a tick. From being a larvae into a nymph and then as an adult, every second of a tick’s life was documented using special lenses that deliver complete details of the ticks in all three stages of its life cycle.

The second installment of the documentary is centered around the diseases spread by ticks, Lyme Disease, in particular. Ticks: The Real Vampires uncovers the origins of the disease, in the village of Lyme where it spread across the US during the 70s. Lyme disease, which was identified in the 80s, has a fatality rate of nearly 100%.

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