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The Victoria Cross: For Valour

This 2003 documentary by BBC follows historical documentary presenter Jeremy Clarkson as he goes through an in-depth background and historical profile of the Victoria Cross. We get to follow Clarkson as he discovers the inspiring story of one of the 1,354 men who were awarded the Victoria Cross, Major Robert Henry Cain. On September 1944, Major Cain was described to be the finest Victoria Cross of the Second World War by Lt. Col. Derek McNally, his commanding officer.

The Victoria Cross: For Valour shows us the history of this important medal. We get to see the history and how it began and continued to be manufactured from bronze by the small London jeweller Hancocks Ltd. We learn the significance of the bronze, and that it actually is melted from the breeches of the Chinese-made cannons that were captured from the Russians during the Crimean War.

Be prepared to take a journey through history and learn more about the Victoria Cross.

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