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The Story Of Ireland

Before the institution of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, Ireland was a war-zone filled with rebels, mercenaries and military forces going against each other. In fact, a documentary series for television was released in 1981 where it reflected how Northern Ireland was at war with itself and its effects on the economy of Southern Ireland. It also showed the unsettled differences that the Irish had with their British neighbors.

“The Story of Ireland” is a new documentary series that aims to bring down all the misconceptions and old beliefs about Ireland in the past. It consists of informative facts about the history of Ireland and its current cultural, social, and economic state. Presented by BBC foreign correspondent Fergal Keane, this five-part documentary attempts to bring a brighter perspective to the viewers.

Today, Ireland is enjoying a significant period of peace. The country is now a vital player in the world economy and is able to build good relationships as a modern European nation. “The Story of Ireland” gives a more objective view of how the country is doing and how bright the future looks for their citizens.

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