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The Lightbulb Conspiracy

The culture of consumerism is becoming somewhat of a double-edged sword. One edge reflects the insatiability of consumers to have the newest, the latest, the trendiest and the other, discreet and hidden yet more deadly in its design, is the ravenous greed of the manufacturers. Up until Pyramids of Waste (aka The Lightbulb Conspiracy) came out no one would have thought of it this way.

This documentary probes into the definite probability that top manufacturers are using planned obsolescence as their scheme in creating a sustained demand for their products. This means that their products are pre-designed to wear out too soon, leaving consumers with no choice but to purchase a replacement, whether from the same manufacturer or from another one. The first object of this ploy is directed at the incandescent light bulb, shortening its actual life span so that its creators enjoy non-stop profits at the expense of trusting and loyal consumers.

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