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Surviving the Cold

The Siberian Times was all a buzz about the story of Valery Malkov, a 42 year old truck driver from Bratsk. One day while on board a train, he left his compartment to go and light a cigarette. When he was done and was on his way back to his compartment, he got lost and opened a different door – one that was supposed to be locked for safety reasons. But for some reason the door was unlocked and Malkov went through the pitch black entrance only to find himself being catapulted off the train and into the Siberian Jungle.

Wearing nothing but shorts, a t-shirt and a pair of slippers, Malkov was practically naked in the – 40C temperature and was in for a terrible fate. But surprising everyone, himself included, he was able to chase after the train running a total distance of 7 kilometres or 4.3 miles until he was able to find a tiny station. Without any prior training and additional aid, he technically ran to safety without freezing to death.

Surviving the Cold is a documentary film that attempts to look further into this mystery. We get to discover further the amazing capabilities of the human body.

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