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Stuff: A Horizon Guide to Materials

This hour-long BBC documentary directed by Penny Palmer features the engineer Jem Stansfield as he looks through the Horizon archives. He tries to search the secrets to manipulating and understanding the materials that were used to build the modern world.

With all the numerous discoveries and breakthroughs in the world of material science from the past few years, and with the coming to light of the discovery of new materials and the continuous exploration of the uses of the known substances, the possibilities for the field of material science have never looked this promising.

Stuff: A Horizon Guide to Materials follows Stansfield and he looks into each of the contributing factors that helped mould the modern material age that we are all in today. Looking into manganese nodules, superplastic metals, helium-3, uranium, silicon chips, until the discovery of superconductivity – this BBC documentary will definitely be a treat.

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