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River of Life

River of Life is a documentary highlighting the Yukon River Quest, an annual kayak and canoe racing event that has proven to be one of the most arduous challenges in the history of extreme sports. Renowned for its extremely lengthy course, the Yukon River Quest has garnered a large gathering of Athletes across the many corners of the globe, all eager to have their endurance and resilience tested. The race boasts 740 kilometres of aberrant river conditions, over a span of typically one day and one night per race. The documentary retells the story of the 2006 Paddlers Abreast team, an all-female team by following them from the very start of their race in Whitehorse down to the end in Dawson City, where they are met by the warm applause and screaming of both onlookers and event officials. The film is an attempt at chronicling the perseverance of a group of women who dared to face death in the pursuit of achieving credibility in the world of extreme sports.

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