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Race To The Bottom: Ireland

Ireland is a beautiful country known for its vivid culture, music and people. It is one of the must-see places of the world with an ever successful tourism industry. But all this was threatened with the public spread of the Irish horse meat scandal.

Race To The Bottom: Ireland is a documentary film that investigates further into this disturbing scandal, revealing that there was indeed an ongoing systemic criminal harvest of thousands of horses. These illegal dealings were netting millions and were widespread all over Ireland’s borders. This was all revealed to the public the moment Ireland’s Food Standards Authority made an announcement that they were able to detect horse meat contamination in various beef products that were sold to the market under popular brands. From that moment on, the issue spread like wildfire and it led to various investigations and worries from the general public.

This documentary will take us into a quest for answers and truth. With a collection of exclusive footage and interviews, we would all finally discover the depth of this scandal.

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