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Merchants of Cool

“Merchants of Cool” is a documentary film that tackles how teenagers are made to support certain products or services in order to achieve a certain social status. FRONTLINE correspondent Douglas Rushkoff investigates different marketing techniques big name companies utilizes in order to target teenagers specifically. Global companies are riding high on pop culture because a large number of their target market are teenagers.

And why not? Teenagers are easily manipulated into purchasing products in pursuit of the “next big thing”. From celebrity endorsements to subliminal promotions, companies are using various means to manipulate the purchasing behavior of the public, dictating what’s hot and what’s not. All it takes is great timing and the right marketing strategy. Companies employ marketing experts to help them capitalize on the products or service that consumers will patronize. This is established through extensive market research and data analysis among various sects and social groups to find out what can earn these companies billions of dollars.

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